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On Trip to Washington, Lessons and a Question

Young teens are deeply skeptical about enthusiasm in adults. Their own interests, in clothes or music, or each other, can be positively dizzying, but adult attachments are viewed with a jaundiced eye, especially when the fall under the general rubric of education. The more fervently the adult tries to share, the more distant the students can become. The average end-of-the-year field trip can be an extended exercise in sighs, vacant looks and adjustments of coiffure.

Not with Mrs. Conway…

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Elegy for My Mother

And on the day my mother died I sat alone and unable.
Over the hours my body and my heart turned to concrete
I was so heavy I could not rouse, or rise

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This I Believe

This I Believe Guest Sermon / White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church Peg Guilfoyle I have struggled with this.   I have avoided it like poison. Like the plague. I agreed to do it almost a year ago, when it was safely distant and I remember thinking ‘ it’s your turn,...

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